in the fourth dimension


looks like twelve finally got that caretakers job at coal hill that was offered in rememberance of the daleks?


imagine clara being woken up by the sound of the tardis and the doctor hops out all adrenaliney and jumpy going all “clara clara CLARA CLARA let’s go on an adventure clara I’M BORED clara THE SATANIC NEBULA CLARA" and clara stares at him with sleepy eyes and mumbles "doctor it’s 4 am" "LAGOON" "i’ve got work in the morning" "ALL OF TIME AND SPACE CLARA" "how much coffee have you had" "C L A R A" 
(and actually he was just up all night being jealous of danny getting to spend so much time with clara and eventually he just couldn’t take it anymore)

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Doctor Who 8.05 “Time Heist”
in summary

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Or all the streams could be broken

I’m very sorry about that. I’ll be trying to download the episode after it airs and then streaming it later tonight. There will be a post saying when the stream will start (I’ll give 30 mintes-1 hour notice).


"Madame Nostrodamus made it for me."

The Ark in Space - season 12 - 1975

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Smile though your heart is aching…

this is the 2nd time im reblogging this today…it’s just to reiterate how much of my life has been ruined by this wonderful, gorgeous man

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Sarah Jane and The Doctor in The Seeds of Doom.

"Have we been here before, or -"
"Are we yet to come?"

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Doctor Who float with Peter Davison, 1981

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